28/12/2020 Monday Update

Hi guys. This week is going to be a short post.

I'll start off with production.

Last week I managed to make most of the Ivory cables, I got around 6 left to make. Tomorrow I'm going to work on these. On Friday I'm going to put the cables through the last phase of production and ship them out on Sunday.

When I'm done with Ivory I'm going to start the work on Braided cables GB and Strawberry Lemonade cables. There are 26 in total. I think I'll need a week or two to finish these. More information to be posted once I get to working on them.

After these cables I'll give some more insight on what comes next.

Things are coming together very nicely!


I also have some GB's to announce!

We will be providing cables for the following GB's once they launch.

GMK Agent-01
GMK Arch
GMK Maestro
ePBT 6085
GMK Lavender
GMK Mashu
PBT Sniper
Some other ones that are not 100% set

I already ordered Cerakoted aviators for most of these and some still need to go through coloring phase on my end to match the cable!

That was it for this week!
have a great week and enjoy the upcoming new year!

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