9/13/2021 update

Hi Everyone,


It's been a while since I posted here. I have an update for you guys. 

Last summer I managed to only make around 80 cables. I didn't account for the businesses where I buy supplies to go on vacation as well. So what was meant to be a good production period turned into a mess. I was planning on finishing Ishtar an starting on Maestro but Only managed to make 30-40 Ishtar cables at the end of the Summer. 

I had to wait around 5 weeks to receive supplies to work on those cables. Alright enough of the excuses. 

Ishtar will hopefully be finished next month and I'll start working on Maestro right after, I think I'll need around 1 month for that. Once that comes around I'll drop some more info on what's next.

January 1st 2022 will be the last day for ZeusWorks. After that I'm going abroad for an internship. This means I have to finish all cables within the next couple of months. This is not going to be hard as There isn't a massive order list. around 200. This means some cables are going to be made before their original shipping date. 

After Jan 1st My services will still be available for 1 year to honor the 1 year warranty. So if your cable breaks you can send me a discord DM or an email for a repair request. 

Like always if you have any questions regarding the information stated here, feel free to drop an email or send me a message on discord. 

Have a great week! 

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