8/7/2021 Monthly post

Hi everyone. In this months post I'm going to discuss a few things. 

We'll start it off with how things are going with production. 

I couple of days ago I finished my school year and I now have vacation. 
the following GB/sales will ship this summer.
GMK Red Dragon - 
GMK Demon Sword -
KAT Explosion - 
GMK Deku - 
GMK Ishtar - 
GMK Maestro - 
and some other smaller ones.  

This is allot of work and is allot that will be shipped, Getting all this out at the end of the summer will put me back on schedule and I'll finally have no delays, at least not massive ones. This is really good news. 

GMK Red dragon and GMK Demon sword are small projects which have 10-15 cables in total so those will be made in between the other big projects. 

From the above mentioned GB/sales I already got KAT Explosion all shipped out and I'm now moving to Deku, these will ship in 1,5 week time frame. GMK Ishtar is a bigger project, there are around 95 orders that need to be fulfilled for Ishtar so this one will take 1 month with margin. After this project is done I'll start on Maestro and hope to finish that project within 2 weeks. 

Starting next year January 2022 I'm most likely not going to be continuing with ZeusWorks. No need to be scared about your order as I want to finish every standing order this year before 2022. The reason That I MIGHT be stopping is because I'm doing my last 5 month Internship for my school and I'm going to be doing it abroad. I'm also going through Army Special Forces selection Right after I finish school in July 2022. 

It's still far out so don't worry to much about it now, I'll drop more information every month about what's going on and again don't worry about your order, it will be fulfilled! 

Right now I'm taking on less and less projects to make sure I can finish everything this year. The 15 unit max will also stand till the end of the year to compensate for that. 

I hope I didn't scare some of you with the the news about me stopping. I'm still 100% dedicated to the work and will finish it before I move on!

If you have any questions regarding anything above feel free to DM me on discord or send us an email

Till next month!

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