15/3/2021 Monday update

Hi everyone.


Last week We made some more progress on the ePBT Musubi cables. Out of the 48 we got around 30 done so far. This week We continue on the last of them.

We are hoping to ship all these cables at the end of this week or sometime next week. 

I also have some good news, the aviators that we ordered came in allot earlier than we expected! After the work for Musubi Is done we will continue working on the previous GB's that came before it. 

these are for example finishing the few Midnight rainbow cables and continuering the work on KAT Explosion.

We are getting closer and closer to wrapping up this massive delay we got. We started off with 520 pending orders and we got it down to 190 so far. In the next few weeks to a couple of months(~2) we are going to complete all these orders and we can finally start on the most recent orders!

Thank you all for the patience! That was it for this week.

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