Monday 8/24/2020 Update

Hi there guys. This update is a bit later than usual. This week I'll talk about some production updates and some upcoming group buys.


Right now I have around 2 hours per day to make cables. This is due to me having an internship that is from 8 to 5. I can make around 3-4 cables in that period which is not bad for the delay I thought it was going to cause. The production will continue as usual and I'll keep you guys updated every week with the amount of fulfilled orders.

Last week I managed to make 10 cables only as I was trying out some new methods to increasing production and making it more efficient. This week I'll be trying it out and you guys will see the results. Upcoming group buys.

In September the following group buys will go live.

GMK Deku

PBT Musubi. Both these sets will only have 25 available cables. Make sure to get one before it runs out as all upcoming group buys will be limited to 25. That was it for this week. Thank you for reading and have a great week

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