9/7/2020 Monday Update

This week I have some good news on production and some news on GB's.

I'll start it off with Production I've made it possible to increase the number of orders I can make in 1 day to 5-7. This means that you'll be receiving your orders sooner. My little brother is still practicing his skills. It will take another couple of weeks before he starts taking orders. When this happens the production will increase even more. This also means I'll be able to take more orders than what we have now (25 orders per GB) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Group buys This week on Friday GMK Deku Artisan cables will go live. As usual, there will only be 25 orders available. Future Group buys

In the future we have some more group buys come. There will also be some Round 2 Group buys running for some older Group buys that I've done. I'll announce the Round 2's on next week's update. That was it for this week. till next week!

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