9/11/2020 Monday Update

Good day!

This weeks update is going to be short. I'll discuss some GB's and some information on production


I'll start off with the production

 In this week I'm going to start on the new batch of cables. I hope to finish Masterpiece, Arctic and blink this month and start on Ivory, Midnight Rainbow and Explosion in December. Like I mentioned in an earlier message on discord, I need to make around 34 cables for these 3 GB's. 


Now for GB's

on November 11th, there will be one GB going live. This set is called GMK Amethyst, It will run until December 11th. There is also a giveaway taking place on the same day. The cable is one themed for Amethyst and will also include a Cerakoted LEMO. 

To join the giveaway simply join the discord and go to the giveaway channel
(1 winner of today's giveaway was not in the discord anymore, that means that There will be a rerun for a Demon Sword cable with a cerakoted aviator)



that was it for this week. If you have any questions, leave them as comments here or pm on discord. have a great week

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