7/12/2020 Monday Update

Hello! In this weeks update I'm going to discuss some information about production and Groupbuy announcements.


I'll start it off with production.

Last week me and my brother worked on braided cables and standard cables. We got half of the braided cables all braided and some standard ones done. This week we'll finish all braided cables and get them ready for the last cycle, this last cycle will last around 1 week hopefully. After I'm done with all braided cables, I'm going to start on all standard cables. Right now there are around 30 braided cables and 30 standard cables. I think to be able to finish all Ivory cables in the end of the Month.( I have a 2 week vacation coming up, this means that I'll have much more time to work on the cables so it might be even earlier.

After Ivory I'm going to make the braided cables that had their own GB. Once these are done I'll give some more information on what comes next. 

Some Groupbuy information.

I would like to announce our next collaboration. This time we're collaborating with Sayantan on his set called GMK Agent 01. This set launches sometime in January, but myself and Sayantan decided to do the cable GB at a later date to fully prepare for the GB as I'm extremely busy right now and Can't get everything done before January.

here is a link to the IC: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=109777.0

That was it for this week. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on discord or send us an email!

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