6/6/2021 Monthly update

6/6/2021 Monthly update

Hi guys, in this month's post I have a good amount of stuff to discuss. 

I'm going to start on the status of some of the sales

Maestro cables

I ordered the cerakoted connectors for the sale and they have arrived safely. I decided to move the production for this sale a bit as It's getting close to the end of my school year and I have to focus a bit to pass grade. Another reason is because I'm still working on some other sales.

The shipping date for the cables is now sometime in the summer. 

Deku cables

I made the first start to these cables and I'm going to work on these when I finish with KAT Explosion cables. I hope to start on these in 2 weeks. I think I can get a get these out in 2 weeks after production starts. 

Ishtar cables

This is my biggest project yet, coming very close to 100 cables. For this reason I'm doing this one as my last delayed project. I'm going to start on these after Deku sometime beginning summer. I'm also confident I can get them all done in the summer. 

Demon sword, Red Dragon cables

There are very few of the cables so these will come somewhere in between Ishtar and Deku cables

Lastly KAT Explosion cable

I'm almost done with all of these cables. Yesterday I finished the 1st stage for the last 20 cables. I also have 20-25 going through the last stage ready to ship. Once they are ready to go I'll ship the 20-25 and follow up with the last 20. I think I'll need 1,5 week for this and they'll be going out as well. 

Sales and Round 2's

Because of many requests I'm doing a Round 2 for some sales. 

Musubi braided cables: 15 units 
Space dust braided cables: 15 units 

Both these sales go live later today at 3 pm GMT +2
be there as these are one of the fastest selling cables!

I'm also working on cables for some other sales that are coming shortly after

KAM Ocean front
GMK Lavender 
GMK Foundation 

When they are ready I'll announce each.

Some new website art. 

I added some new amazing art to the page (made by Frenoki) This will give a representation on what are cables stand for. The website is not fully updated yet as I also have to add a warranty page for the cables. 

That was it for this week. feel free to send me an email or a message on discord if you have any questions!

have a great week.

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