6/5/2021 Monthly Update

6/5/2021 Monthly Update

In this month's update I'm going to discuss some major changes to ZeusWorks!

Over the last couple of weeks I've changed and thought about a couple of things. Mainly how to make shipping represent the quality I want. I'm also going to discuss some website changes and introducing a warranty for the cables. 

Shipping concerns 

I will begin with the Shipping concern I have. To many times I've gotten an email or a message that the're shipment is taking very long or has been in "shipping status" for over a month. To put it simply, I've had enough of the unreliable shipping methods I've been using. 

For that reason I've decided to scrap the standard shipping we offer that started at 15 euros and moved over to only doing Insured and tracked. It's going to be more expensive but I think it will benefit the overall quality of my products way more that using a cheap unreliable shipping method that either takes extremely long or is just untrustworthy. For example, I've had many packages get sent back to me all beat up and even some customers have received damaged boxes. It's just

I've also made some changes to shipping packaging and greatly improved our business card plus added new stickers.

There are 3 regions with new shipping prices. 

  • EU 1: €15.50

  • EU 2: €21
    All other EU countries plus the UK

  • International: €31.80
    All international Countries

All these prices include Insurance and Track&trace

I will also be offering other carries like DHL, UPS and more. These are for the people that want more security or faster shipping dates. If you want this you can us an email before or after you placed your order. 

I'm going to be offering an upgrade to the new method for anyone that wants it. I'm going to announce this further on discord and via newsletter. Head over to contact and fill out your order number and how you would like to receive the invoice for the upgrade. 

Website changes. 

  • Slightly Improved the front page and opened up the sides to fit Ultrawide screen better. 
  • Greatly Improved Product Description 

  • Fully revamped Contact and FAQ

  • Updated shipping rates


Cable warranty

To further secure my position on quality I introduced a 1-year warranty on the cables. I've been testing my own products over the last couple of months and feel very confident in giving you guys some more security. I've yet to add a warranty page explaining what it covers and what it doesn't. 

here is what our warranty will stand for. 

Every ZeusWorks cable is handcrafted with love and passion. Our focus is quality, so for that reason we offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products. If you take care of your cable it will go way beyond 1 year.

Our cables are built to last, if your cable is defective due to materials or workmanship, please return if for repair. Your cable will be repaired at no charge, including parts and labor. If repair is not possible, your cable will be replaced with the same or a comparable model.

This new warranty goes into effect with the KAT Explosion cables. BUT have no fear, all older cables will still be fixed or replaced if broken. Just send us a message so we can sort out the issues!

Quick update on production


Last month I was busy with KAT Explosion cables and I'm getting ready to ship the first batch very soon, I'm just waiting on the new business card plus stickers to complete the new and update shipping method. I'll ship around 30 orders and will be following those with the rest to finish KAT Explosion cables! 

That was it for this month, as always if you have any questions regarding anything about feel free to send us a message! 

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