30/11/2020 Monday update

In this weeks post I'm going to discuss production and shipping.

I'll start off by saying that I got some good news regarding production and shipping.


Last week I finished all orders for GMK Masterpiece, KAT Arctic and GMK Blink. They will ship tomorrow and this is conclude the cycle for these 3 Groupbuys. This last weekend I started planning out the production cycle for Ivory and I have to say, it looks really good. This production cycle is going to be a little different than how the previous ones went.

The way the braided cables ones is going to work is as following: I will be stripping, braiding and finishing every braided cable before shipping, this saves time as the process is long and would take longer if I started from the beginning every week. There are roughly 30 braided cables that need to be made.

I think I'll be able to finish these within 1-2 weeks. I already made some headway this last weekend and it looks good. There are some orders that have more than 1 cable so It could take longer before every Ivory is out. I am confident to getting every Ivory cable out at the end of December. 

Braided cables Groupbuy production and shipping

Sometime between or after the braided cables I'm going to start right away on the Braided cables Groupbuy I ran some time ago. There are exactly 10 cables that need to be made so I decided to make room for those. 

Further along updates:

After Ivory there are still many GB's to fulfill. these are the following

- GMK Midnight Rainbow
- KAT Explosion
- Infinikey Musubi
- Infinikey Strawberry Lemonade
- GMK Deku
- GMK Isthar

The game plan for these is to fulfill the ones that are close or are getting close to shipping first. As many of you know that is the whole idea of the cables. I want to get you the cable before the keycap set. It won't happen 100% of the time but I'm going to try my best. More information will follow as I finish Ivory.

That was it for this week. If you have any questions regarding what I wrote here feel free to leave a comment down below, send me an email or send me a message on discord! 

Have a great week

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