29/3/2021 Monday Update

Hi everyone,

In this weeks post I'm going to discuss production and upcoming GB's

Last week we made good progress on ePBT Musubi cables. We have around 5-8 to finish and they will ship out in the coming days. Right after shipping the cables we are going to start working on KAT Explosion cables. I'm hoping these take around 1/1,5 months to complete as there are a good amount of these. 

Once we are done with these we are going to start on GMK Deku cables and shortly after these we are starting on the last project to complete our massive delay. As we get closer finishing up cables I will post more info. 

In April we got a lot of GB's launching
Here is a list of the GB's( some are already on the site and some still need to be added)

GMK Kouhai - April 12th
ePBT 6085 - April 15th
GMK Agent 01 - April 9th
GMK Arch - April 30th
GMK Boulder - April 2nd 

All of these GB's except GMK Arch will have a limited amount of 15 cables while arch will have 30. The reason for this limited amount is that we want to prevent the situation we are currently in. It's not fun for us or the customer to have to wait 5+ months for a cable that was promised to be delivered in a shorter time frame. Once we don't have an  order delay we will start offering GB's with an unlimited amount of cables again.

That was it, if you have any questions regarding the above information or anything else, feel free to send us an email or send us a message on discord.

Have a great week!

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