23/11/2020 Monday Update

23/11/2020 Monday Update

Hi guys,

In this weeks update I'm going to discuss on the a couple of subjects. These are Production, Black Friday and some shipping changes and calculations. 


I'll start off with production.

This week I'm going to start on a new batch, this batch will finish off all cables for GMK Masterpiece, GMK Blink (doesn't exist anymore) and KAT Arctic.

After these cables I'm going to start on ePBT Ivory, GMK Midnight Rainbow and KAT Explosion. The priority is going to be Ivory as I want to get as many cables out before the set ships. Since these cables are mostly braided cables I'm hoping to do a good few per week. After these I'll start on Explosion and Midnight Rainbow. 

In total there are around 114 orders for these 3 upcoming GB's.

I did some calculations on shipping dates and have some new dates for you guys. I have around 350 unfulfilled orders still that need to be made. If I make an average of 20 orders per week that comes to around 4-5 months of work. Since I have some breaks coming and I'm going back to school soon, I'll have more time to spend on making cables. This means that the 4-5 months is this an estimate and not 100%, could be a little more or a little less.

with this being said, I'm moving the shipping dates for GMK Red Dragon, GMK Demon Sword, GMK Pride and GMK Amethyst to Q2 2021 (was Q3 2021) . This will obviously depend on how many orders there are but for the most part there aren't so many now, so these cables can be made within 1-2 months when the time comes. 

For now take this as the new shipping dates for the cables and I hope you can see when you'd receive your cable. I mentioned this before in a discord message, I understand that some of you are frustrated with when you receive your cable/order. I'm working super hard every day to making cables, talking to designers, writing emails etc. In the future I'm going to do a similar update to this one and re calculate the estimate shipping dates to see where I got too. 

For Black Friday we are also doing an "event". Starting Friday 27th you'll be able to grab a cable from the 4 Group buys we are offering with 30% off. This is a rare opportunity to get some nice discounted cables. This event will go on till Monday 30th.

that was it for this week. If anything was unclear feel free to send me a message on discord or send me an email.

Have a great week!

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