22/02/2021 Monday Update

Hi everyone. 

In this weeks post I'm going to discuss production and some other small things


I have some news on some supplies that I ordered. I ran out of some supplies some time ago( 1 week or so). I ordered some new supplies and found out a couple of days ago that they will be shipped much later than expected. The expected date for delivery is early April, this is going to be a problem as I need these connectors to actually make certain cables, in this case these connectors are the Aviator ones.

This being said, I can't continue making these right now as it's not possible. I was thinking of a solution to my problem and came up with one. I'm going to be making a start on Braided cables and LEMO cables. I've made a start on Musubi cables and will be making a start on LEMO KAT Explosion cables. 

I hope to have most or all of these cables out before the aviators arrive so I can continue with those. 


I've finished one of the last phases for most GMK Midnight Rainbow cables, minus the ones that I couldn't do that needed an aviator, which are around 3 or 4 I think. 

I though I could get all the cables 100% complete to ship yesterday but I didn't make the deadline. I hope to be able to ship all the cables on Wednesday (around 30-40 cables)

Running GB

If you haven't yet checked out our artisan cable/s for GMK Maestro, consider it. They are a limited GB of 40 cables. More than half of this number is already gone. 

This GB ends on March 14th, get your cable before it goes out of stock.

that was it for this week. For some this news is a bummer as you where probably expecting your cable to come in sometime soon, I'm sorry to dissapoint! I'm working very hard getting the quality you expect and what I expect and getting it to you as fast as possible. 

have a great week and till next

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