21/12/2020 Monday Update

Hi guys. These weeks post is going to be short.

I'm going to mainly discuss production and shipping.


I'll start off with shipping.

Last week I shipped around 50% of all Ivory cables. This week I'm going to finish the last 50% and ship these out aswell. I also ordered all colors for the Braided cables GB and Strawberry Lemonade. I added Strawberry lemonade to the mix because there aren't many cables for this set.

In total I would need to make around 25 cables, this is including the whole strawberry lemonade GB. These cables will go into production right after I'm done with Ivory. Once I'm done with Braided cables and Strawberry Lemonade I'm going to start on Midnight Rainbow. The good news for Midnight Rainbow is that all the cables have been sleeved and are ready to go into the next phase of production, this means that the production time for Midnight Rainbow will be faster and I'm going to start shipping these sometime in January.

After Midnight Rainbow I'll have KAT Explosion to work on. More information to follow once we get closer to the Midnight Rainbow production period.


Things are looking great, I'm getting closer to eliminating the massive delay and once new GB's go live we'll have a shorter production period and cables will start shipping within shorter windows.

After KAT Explosion there are only 3 other GB's to do. These are GMK Ishtar, GMK Deku and Epbt Musubi.

That was it for this week. If you have any questions regarding what I mention above or anything else, feel free to PM me on discord or send us an email.


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