18/1/2021 Monday Update

Hello, This weeks post is going to be short.


Production had a small delay last week as I ran out of supplies for the current batch of orders I'm doing. I managed to finished 90% off the orders that I wanted to do Yesterday.

This batch will ship sometime this week once I'm done with all the cables. the cables that are in this batch are the following

Ocean Braided cables
Aggressions braided cables
Beach Braided cables
Jungle Braided cables
Strawberry Lemonade Braided cables
Strawberry Lemonade standard cables

In total there are around 30 cables.

Once these are done and shipped I'm going to start working on KAT Explosion and GMK Midnight Rainbow. After these I'll give some more information on what follows after.

That was it for this week. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord or send me an email!

Have a great week

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