14/12/2020 Monday Update

Hi guys. This week will be a short one as I don't have to much to share.

Last week was a really good week. I got around 30 orders done, this means I have half the amount to go before finishing the Ivory cables. Sometime this week I'm going to be shipping this current batch of cables. After finishing this, I'll start working on the next batch, completing this groupbuy. 

Once this is done I will check on other GB's that are coming after like 
KAT Explosion and GMK Midnight Rainbow and the braided cables that also need to be made.

The current lineup is how the cables will be made( I can't look to far in the future as things can always change)

Braided cables
KAT Explosion & GMK Midnight Rainbow
after these I'll have to check again what has high priority!

Slowly I'm getting these delays out of the way and hopefully after some more time we can finally operate at a monthly basis for cables.


That was it for this week. If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to send me a message on discord or send us an email!

Have a great week!

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