12/4/2021 Monday Update

Hi everyone,


Last week I mentioned that I started my exam/test week. This will continue throughout this week aswell and ending on Friday, this means that there will be minimal done like last week. 

I also mentioned that I had finished the Musubi cables and this is not correct as I completely forgot about the standard version of these cables. I was so focused on making the braided cables that the few standard ones passed my mind. 

I've prepared these last cables last week and they will ship this week as I need to make some finishing touches to them. If I have time after these I will continue working on KAT Explosion cables. 

I also want to announce that I'm going to be stopping the weekly updates and moving to a monthly one. The reason I'm doing this is because I don't feel like these weekly updates give that much of an update.. I feel like a monthly update would work better as I would be a able to make a bigger post as what happend in that month. I'm also going to be posting a blog post once a GB ships or if a GB goes live and anything else that might be important to pass on to you guys.

That being said, if you're have any questions regarding your order, new GB's etc you can always message me on discord or send us an email. 

Have a great week!

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