11/16/2020 Monday Update

Hi there.

In this week's update I'm going to give you some information regarding Production and some group buy information.

This will be a short post this week as there's not much to report.



In this week and next week my focus is finishing up Masterpiece, Arctic and Blink. So far I made 16 orders. This means I got around 15-20 to go before I finish. 

After the completion of these 3 GB's I'm going to start on Explosion, Midnight Rainbow and Ivory. The focus will be on Ivory as I want to get as many as possible out before the set ships. As the other sets ship way later into next year they will have a little less priority.


Group buys

There are currently 4 Group buys running

GMK Red Dragon October 28th - November 28th
GMK Demon Sword October 28th - November 28th
GMK Pride November 3rd - December 3rd
GMK Amethyst November 11th - December 11th.

Consider checking these cables out if you are interested!

Quick note on something I'm working on right now. I don't really like how my pictures represent my products, IMO they are really bad and I'm actively working on a solution for better High quality Images that you will enjoy.

That was it for this week! I hope to catch you in next week's post!

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