1/3/2021 Monday Update

Hi everyone,

In this weeks post I'm going to discuss mostly production. It's going to be a short one.

Last week I finished almost all GMK Midnight rainbow cables and shipped them. Last week I mentioned that I ran out of aviators and for that reason I would be starting on PBT Musubi cables this week until the new aviators arrive. I have around 2-4 GMK Midnight cables that are not complete because of the aviator shortage, once they are in I'll make these cables and ship them right away.

Now for PBT Musubi. Me and my brother made a start to the Musubi cables last week. This week we are going to continue the work and we are aiming on getting all the cables done within 2 weeks and at a max 3. 


GMK Maestro artisan cables are still live. More than half the limited amount have been sold. Consider checking it out before it goes out of stock. It will be a while before they might come back in a RND.

This GB will end on March 12th.

have a great week!

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