1/2/2021 Monday Update

In this weeks post I'm going to discuss what happend last week and what's going to happen this week.

Last week I finished packaging all the orders that were in a box. On Sunday I posted them. Last week was also my last week at my internship, this means production might go up a bit. We'll see how much it'll improve this week.


In this week I'm going to start on the next batch, we'll be starting on the first cables for GMK Midnight Rainbow. I can't give an estimate on how much I can get done as I'm back in school and I need to see how things are going to continue with speed etc. 

Next week I'll have more information on this.

That was it for this week. Next week there is going to be a big update on production and GB dates! Have a great week.

A lot of week's in this post 

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